#Medieval Monday ~ Mary Morgan

Huzzah, Medieval Romance Lovers! Today’s excerpt comes from Mary Morgan. Mary’s passion for books started at an early age along with an overactive imagination. She spent far too much time daydreaming and was told quite often to remove her head from the clouds. It wasn’t until the closure of Borders Books where Mary worked that she found her true calling—writing romance. Now, the worlds she created in her mind are coming to life within her stories. If you enjoy history, tortured heroes, and a wee bit of magic, then time-travel within the pages of her books. Today, she’s sharing an excerpt from her #MedievalRomance, A Highland Moon Enchantment.

She obeyed and stood slowly. Lifting her chin, she met his hard stare. “What now?”

By the hounds, he believed a warrior stood before him. However, the beauty challenging him with her words would not sway him. “Ye can give us your name and why ye put a blade to my back.”

“Ye, first.”

He tilted his head. “Desmond O’Quinlan, and the other man is Alastair MacKay.”

“The Dragon Knight?” she uttered in a shocked tone.

“Aye,” growled Alastair, keeping a firm grip on the druid’s arm.

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BLURB: You first met this warrior in Dragon Knight’s Axe, Order of the Dragon Knights, Book 3.

Irish warrior, Desmond O’Quinlan has never surrendered his heart to any woman. He has no wish to have his soul tortured by love. Yet, the moment he locks gazes with Ailsa, his fate is destined for an adventure he never fathomed. He may have battled alongside a Dragon Knight, but his greatest challenge will come from within his own heart.

Ailsa MacDuff, a warrior among her clan, has no desire to have a man chain her to a life of obedience. However, that is before she meets Desmond. The temptation to allow this warrior inside her heart is a risk she dares to take, but one that could lead to a future of emptiness and sorrow.

When betrayal looms from within, the battleground of love is no match for these two warriors. Can the power of a Highland full moon be strong enough to unite or destroy them?



#MedievalMonday ~ Ashley York

Huzzah, Medieval Romance Lovers! Today’s excerpt comes from Ashley York. Although she’s writing fiction, Ashley likes to incorporate authentic places, events, and people, embellishing the past. She uses real history but with an artistic flare. You’ll discover a world of fiction wrapped around historical people and events in her stories. Today she shares with us a snippet from her #MedievalRomance, Curse of the Healer.

Never had water tasted this cold and clean, and she closed her eyes to more fully enjoy its taste. In her mind she saw the brook, heard the birds in the trees overhead, and her skin tingled in response to the imaginary warm breeze. Something stirred low in her gut, and it was hard to catch her breath.

She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and leveled her gaze at him. “My gallant hero. I thank ye.”

A slight smile tipped up his lips as he nodded to her. “Whatever ye need.”

The man settled himself beside her. She sighed and heard the sound come back to her as if from someone else.

Bending his knee up to his chest, he rested his arm on it, his other foot lay just short of touching her. A glance down showed him modestly covered. Keen disappointment rushed over her. When he smiled as if he’d read the direction of her thoughts, her face heated.

“And what are ye after out here, Aednat? Just finding mushrooms?”

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BLURB:  After the death of Brian Boru in 1014, a legend arose of a healer so great she could raise a man from the dead, with a power so strong it could make any warrior the next high king of Éire…and to steal it away from her, he need only possess her.

Fated to be a healer…Aednat has spent her entire life training to be the great healer, knowing she must remain alone. When she meets Diarmuid, the intense attraction she feels toward him shakes her resolve to believe in such a legend. If she gives in to the passion he ignites in her, can she settle for being less?

Destined to be his…Diarmuid of Clonascra is renowned for his bravery in battle. Only one thing daunts him: the prospect of taking a wife. The safest course would be to keep his distance from Aednat, the bold, headstrong healer who’s far too tempting for his peace of mind. But his overking orders him to protect her from a group of craven warriors intent on kidnapping her to steal her power.

What starts as duty for Diarmuid quickly transforms into something more. Aednat’s power might be at risk, but so is his closed-off heart.


#MedievalMonday ~ Barbara Bettis

Huzzah, Medieval Romance Lovers! Today’s excerpt comes from Barbara Bettis. Barbara loves creating stories of other times and places, of heroines ‘to die for’ and heroes to live for. Today she shares with us an excerpt from her #MedievalRomance, The Lady of the Forest.

From the corner of his eye, Henry glimpsed the glimmer of metal.

A knife. He swiped toward the weapon as he drove his body to the left, opposite the
direction the weight pulled. A pair of slim but muscular legs twined around his waist, a slim but
strong arm snaked across his neck. The outline of a slight body pressed his back. What in blazes?

He stilled.

The weight shifted suddenly, and Henry, his glance searching for the knife, toppled to the
ground. He felt a searing blow to the head.

Damnation. He’d been brought down by a child.

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BLURB: When her elderly husband dies, Lady Katherine fakes her own death and disappears into the forest with others escaping the brutish new lord. Determined to protect her people, she knocks the wrong man senseless. But Lord Henry isn’t an enemy, he’s the brother of her childhood friend. Although his tender confidence tempts her, she’s bound by duty.

Henry of Chauvere has found the one lady he wants for his own, never mind she’s tied him hand and foot. When he learns the king has ordered her to wed Stonehill’s ruthless new master, he insists Kate seek haven with his sister. But she won’t desert her friends. Henry vows to solve her problem, provided he catches a traitor before the threat from Kate’s past catches her.

When a daring rescue compels Henry and Kate to join forces, their attraction grows into love. If only duty didn’t drive them apart.


#MedievalMonday ~ Cathy MacRae

Huzzah, Medieval Romance Lovers! Today’s excerpt comes from Cathy MacRae. Cathy enjoys weaving tales of romance in the Highland mists. Her stories feature alpha heroes and strong heroines in pursuit of their happy-ever-afters in medieval Scotland. Today she’s shares with us a snippet from her Medieval Romance, The Highlander’s Welsh Bride.

A hint of metal glinted from his wrists and at the top of his boot, doubtless hidden sheaths with daggers. Carys’s fingers itched with the need to somehow gain one of the weapons.

And do what? Doubtless the man was an accomplished warrior. His light step and sure balance told her as much. Relieving him of one weapon left him at least two more, and likely others she had yet to discover.

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Blurb: It was over. Prince Llywelyn was dead, his soldiers fleeing before King Edward’s army. Carys, a distant cousin to the prince, herself a princess of Wales, had picked up arms alongside her husband more than a year ago. Now homeless, her husband buried beneath the good Welsh soil, she seeks shelter in the north, far from the reach of Longshanks’s men. Carys and Wales would never be the same again.

It was time. Birk MacLean has been ordered to take a bride and produce an heir. He grows weary of the lasses paraded before him, women of delicate nature and selfish motives. He desires a wife strong enough to help lead one of the most powerful clans in Western Scotland.

One like the Welsh woman sitting in his dungeon, arrested for poaching MacLean deer.

Can Birk convince Carys marriage to him is preferable to a hangman’s noose? And will the heard-headed Scot be worthy of a Princess of Wales?

From the towering Welsh mountains to the storm-swept Scottish coast comes a tale of betrayal and loss, deceit and passion. An epic tale of honor and the redeeming power of love.


#MedievalMonday ~ Lane McFarland

Huzzah, Medieval Romance Lovers! Today’s excerpt comes from Lane McFarland. Lane started out as an accountant in line with the rest of the corporate echelons struggling up the proverbial ladder, but soon realized the long nights and numerous weekends of closing books and reporting financial results no longer appealed. She needed a release and found that with her face buried in historical romance books, she could escape to worlds of intrigue with timeless love and happily-ever-after endings. Today, she writes her own books with spirited heroines and to-die-for-heroes and the romantic love stories between them. Read on for an excerpt from her #MedievalRomance, To Support A King.

A man stepped from the path.

Pulse pounding, she froze.

He advanced into the clearing. It was Laird MacAndrew. Relief poured over her. She would recognize the strapping man anywhere.

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BlurbPlagued by atrocities he committed against innocent victims while pursuing his father’s killers, Laird Mangus MacAndrew pledged to defend and provide for his clan. But his leadership is tested when two of his ships are attacked and his crews massacred. Desperate to fulfill his obligation to protect the clan, Mangus agrees to help reinstate The Turnberry Bond. His mission—garner support for the Bruce and avenge the deaths of his men.

The MacAndrew clan provides Catriona Butler something her Irish home could not, a safe haven. But when she receives a missive her brother is imprisoned and will be executed unless acceptable éraic can be obtained, she must return to her homeland. Mangus agrees to take Catriona to Ireland and vows she will not become a distraction, but he longs to be near her. Catriona witnesses Mangus’s fierce anger and grows distrustful. After a life of suffering her father’s vicious temper, she is skeptical of anyone with a penchant for violence. She attempts to keep her distance, but her traitorous heart pulls her in Mangus’s direction.

With the fate of the kingdom on his shoulders, will Mangus reunite the men of The Turnberry Bond? Can he pursue vengeance against his enemies without taking more innocent lives? And can Catriona free her brother and grow to trust Mangus, staying true to her heart?        


#MedievalMonday ~ The #Vikings

Huzzah, Medieval Romance Lovers! My hiatus from Medieval Monday is over. Join me over the next several weeks for a parade of #knights from some the hottest Medieval Romance writers on the market.  Each week you’ll get a snippet from a different author. If you like it, you can follow along to get the full sample and perhaps discover someone new. I am honored to be part of this group. Today I’ll be kicking things off with an introduction to (or perhaps re-acquaintance of) my saga of Frankish invaders from the north: The Vikings of Normandy.


Scarred and unseemly, Brondulf Adilson becomes enraged at the first sign of scorn…or pity. He has struck terror into his enemies for as long as he can remember, as well as the women who share his bed. His friend Wulf finds it testing to support—and satisfy—two women and entreats Bron to take one of them off his hands. Now Bron finds himself saddled with a beauty who may just steal his heart.

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BLURB: Five fierce invaders. Five innocent maids. One land to conquer.

When the Viking leader, Rollo, sets his sights on conquering Paris, he sends a band of his fiercest warriors to capture a stronghold to shelter the invaders through the winter. Collect all five episodes in one volume.

GUNNAR – Gunnar Sigurdsen finds an unguarded stronghold at the mouth of the Seine River is the perfect target. Oliana du Fossé waits helplessly for her brute of a husband to claim her.

WULF – Wulf contemplates his share of the spoils after capturing a stronghold in Francia, fat with treasure and slaves. Farin longs to escape her fate as bed slave to the most savage barbarian of them all.

BRON – Brondulf Adilson has struck terror into his enemies for as long as he can remember, as well as the women who share his bed. Now he finds himself saddled with a beauty who may just steal his heart.

THORLEIF – Thorleif Rolvsson has been captured by the enemy. The Queen of the Franks has needs. Will a single night of passion change his fate? Or will he dine with his sons in Valhalla?

MAGNUS – Magnus hasn’t the time or motivation to take a wife. Especially not one who will most likely try to slit his throat while he sleeps.

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#MedievalMonday ~ Thorleif (The #Vikings, Episode IV)

Skål, Viking Lovers! Today’s excerpt comes from Episode IV in the Vikings of Normandy series. These stories contain detailed #sex scenes that feature #bondage, male #domination, #spanking, and other things you might expect from a group renowned for raping and pillaging. If these topics make you uncomfortable, please do not buy this book. Not sure? Read on for an excerpt from Thorleif.

Thorleif slowly undid the laces at his waist while glancing around the room, looking for a means of escape. In one motion, he pulled his shert, tunic, and hauberk over his head. There were two other doors, one on each side of the hearth that could lead to nowhere, but one way or another he would find out.

Grasping a bedpost with one hand, he toed off his boots and worked his way out of his braies. By the time he turned his attention back to the queen, he was naked as a babe, and she had the look of a hungry wolf.

He held out both arms and made a slow turn, so she could see him from all angles. It should have been humiliating, to be so examined, like a slave at market. Yet, he found her scrutiny oddly exciting.

“Big enough?” he asked.

She breathed deeply. Her chest, constricted as it was, rose and fell with each breath. “We shall see,” she said. She refilled the two goblets and downed one. She moved across the room, giving him a wide berth as she did so, and pulled aside a curtain to reveal a tub of water.

She faced him with a wrinkled nose. “You need to bathe. As good as you look, you smell worse than a farm animal.”

Thorleif had never been so pleased by an insult. He gazed at the still water. How long had it been since he’d had a proper bath? He retrieved the two goblets, pausing first to refill hers, and moved to stand beside the tub.

“Will you join me?” he asked, handing her the wine. This time when his fingers brushed hers, she lingered, meeting his gaze. Her tiny pink tongue darted out to lick those full lips he was so anxious to taste.

Would she take him in her mouth? His naked cock twitched at the vision of that tongue sliding over the engorged tip. His balls constricted, sweetly painful.

He reached up and threaded his fingers through her hair, brushing it away from her face and baring her throat. She remained as still as a statue as he leaned forward, lips parted, and slid his tongue from her collar bone up the column of her throat. She moaned softly when he took the fleshy lobe of her ear between his lips and suckled her.

With a sharp intake of breath, she stepped back from him, her dainty fist poised beneath her nose. She shook her head. “Nay. You must first wash away the stench of battle and death and who-knows how many days’ grime. Besides,” she glanced at the tub with a shrug. “The bath was drawn earlier in the day and will be cold. I shall wait for you by the fire.”

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BLURB: Thorleif Rolvsson has been captured by the enemy. The steel of the executioner’s axe is cold against the base of his skull. Will a single night of passion change his fate? Or will he dine with his sons in Valhalla?

The Queen of the Franks has needs. She believes God has sent the pagan Norseman at her feet to fulfill those needs. But can she claim the blessing she has prayed for without losing her heart?