#MedievalMonday ~ To Love a Scottish Laird by Sherry Ewing

Huzzah, Medieval Romance Lovers! Welcome back to another round of Medieval Monday. Here you may discover new authors writing about love in our favorite time period. Our theme this time around is celebrations. It’s party time in the Middle Ages. This week’s excerpt comes from the fabulous Sherry Ewing. An Information Technology Specialist by day, Sherry transforms into an historical and time travel romance author at night awakening the soul one heart at a time. Today she is sharing an excerpt from her #MedievalRomance, To Love a Scottish Laird.

BLURB: Sometimes you really can fall in love at first sight…

Lady Catherine de Wolfe knows she must find a husband before her brother chooses one for her, but none of the knights and lords she knows have caught her eye. A tournament to celebrate the wedding of the Duke of Normandy might be her answer. She does not expect to fall for a man after just one touch.

Laird Douglas MacLaren of Berwyck is invited to the tournament by the Duke of Normandy. He goes to ensure Berwyck’s safety once Henry takes the throne. He does not expect to become entranced by a woman who bumps into him.

Before they can express their feelings, the Duke orders them wed to strengthen ties between his English supporters and the borderland, and then separates them by commanding Douglas’s escort to his home.

Yet, nothing is ever quite that simple. Not everyone is happy with the union of this English lady and a Scottish laird. From the shores of France, to Berwyck Castle on the border between their countries, Douglas and Catherine must find their way to protect their newfound love.


EXCERPT: She made the slightest attempt to shove him away but ’twas only a half-hearted, for she just as swiftly began smoothing down the fabric of his tunic.

He watched as she took several deep breaths. “You should probably get used to me voicing my opinion,” she said quietly before raising her eyes to meet his.

A lopsided grin formed on his lips. “Opinionated, are ye?”

“Aye,” she declared, lifting her chin. “I will not be some submissive wife holed up in her solar doing nothing but needlework.”

“I am certain I can find something tae keep ye entertained at Berwyck, Catherine,” his voice lowered just thinking of undressing her.

Follow along for the final excerpt for this Medieval Monday theme at Sherry Ewing’s blog at https://www.SherryEwing.com/blog/

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