#MedievalMonday ~ Bron (The #Vikings, Episode III)

Many of you know I teach 8th grade World History in my spare time. Well, today marks our final week before summer vacation, and I could not be more excited. Today I’m sharing an excerpt from Episode III in my erotic #Viking series. If you haven’t read the first two, never fear. These can stand alone, but they are so short, why miss one? All five episodes are now available for download. Here is an excerpt from Bron.

Bron yanked the door open. One look at the waif on his stoop sent a spear straight through his heart.

Dark hair framed a face that was swollen and tear-streaked. Even in the gloaming, he could see the redness of her cheeks. She was a pretty little thing. Skin as smooth as the waters of a still pond, lips full and lush, a mouth made for kissing and—other things. Her eyes widened when she caught sight of him, and she sucked in a gasp. Her bottom lip trembled.

Her reaction did not surprise him. Women had reacted similarly his whole life. Long before he was old enough to know the pleasures of women, a training accident had split his cheek open from the corner of his mouth all the way into his hair, which he kept shorn close to his scalp to show off the markings etched there. His face had been marred with the jagged scar so off-putting, his first maid had kept her eyes firmly closed while he did his business, then hurried away afterwards without looking back. Numerous battles had left him with more scars until his visage was enough to frighten children as if he were a troll.

It would certainly strike terror in such a wisp of a girl.

“Well, do not just stand there,” Bron said. He reached out and, taking her by the arm, pulled her across the threshold.

She stood in the center of his house, trembling, which both irritated and melted him at the same time. Irritated because he had done nothing to make her fear him. Melted him because—well, how was he to know why? It just did.

“Do not be afraid, girl. I will not hurt you. As long as you do what you are told, everything will be fine.”

“And if I do not?”

The strength and conviction in her voice surprised him, that she would show such courage in the face of the unknown. Despite her display, she flinched when he raised his arm toward the door. “You are free to leave whenever you want,” he said.

They stood there, staring each other down.

Soon she began to fidget under his scrutiny. “I have nowhere else to go,” she mumbled.

Bron nodded. “As I thought,” he said. “Now come.” He sat on the edge of his bed, pulled his shert over his head, and began to remove his boots. “Take off your clothes and let me see what I have gotten myself into.”

Check  back next week for an excerpt from Episode IV, Thorleif.

BLURB:  After escaping the brutal tyrant who holds her under his boot, Leda’s newfound hope is shattered to discover her safe-haven to be nothing more than a den of brutal Norsemen, intent on conquering all of Francia and claiming its riches for their own. When she is offered as a bed slave to the fiercest Viking of them all, she despairs to realize freedom comes at a price.

Brondulf Adilson has struck terror into his enemies for as long as he can remember, as well as the women who share his bed. Shunned for his frightful appearance, he doesn’t expect compliance from his new thrall and is resigned to forcing her to his will.

But he finds himself saddled with a beauty who may just steal his heart.

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