#MedievalMonday ~ Wulf (The #Vikings, Episode II)

Skål, gods and goddesses! Today’s Medieval Monday excerpt comes from Episode II in the Vikings of Normandy series. I’ve found the need to add a disclaimer here. These stories are full of detailed #sex scenes that feature bondage, male domination, spanking, and other things you might expect from a group renowned for raping and pillaging. If these topics make you uncomfortable, please do not buy this book. Not sure? Read on for an excerpt from Wulf.

Wulf was sitting in the hall with Harald when Arik sauntered in pulling his new thrall behind him. She was a beauty, that one. Despite recent trials, her face glowed against the framework of silky-looking hair, the color of rich earth, that fell in a thick mass to her waist. Freckles dotted her nose. She had full, red lips that begged kissing, and by the gods, Wulf wanted to oblige.

There were many women available from which to choose. Unlike the cold north, the weather here was temperate, even in winter. The soil was fertile and would yield an abundance of crops. They would do well to remain here beyond winter.

Not one to keep a thrall, Wulf had considered taking a wife for himself. He watched Arik and his slave, Farin approach. Full, ripe breasts filled the thin smock she wore, threatening to spill over the neckline. His c**k twitched at the outline of pert nipples straining against the material. He bit his tongue to keep his mouth from slacking open. It wasn’t like him to be so affected by a woman.

Especially one that belonged to another.

Check  back next week for an excerpt from Episode III, Bron.

BLURB: When her village is overrun by vicious barbarians from the north, Farin becomes a bed slave to the most savage of them all. Will her growing affection for her master’s friend get in the way of the revenge she has planned?

After losing his wife and infant son, Wulf let his friends convince him to give up the life of a simple farmer and become a raider under the leadership of Gunnar Sigurdsen. Now they’ve captured a stronghold in Francia, fat with treasure and slaves.

One slave in particular, a haunting image of Wulf’s wife, threatens to drive a wedge between him and his friend, a breech he cannot afford.



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