#MedievalMonday ~ Wrap-up and #Giveaway

Greeting, gods and goddesses. Thank you for paying a visit to the forest. Today we are wrapping up our Hero and Heroine First Encounter with a reminder that this time, we’ve been holding a contest. To enter, all you need to do is go to each of my snippets and leave a comment. The prize: #FREE BOOKS!!

That’s right. It’s not too late to enter. Just click on each author’s name to follow the links and leave a comment. You must comment on each post to be entered. Winner will be chosen next Monday, November 20. Good Luck!

Excerpt #1: Barbara Bettis

Excerpt #2: Judith Sterling

Excerpt #3: Lane McFarland

Excerpt #4: Sherry Ewing

Excerpt #5: Elisabeth Hobbes

Excerpt #6: Nicole Locke (Scroll to page 6.)

Excerpt #7: Ceci Giltenan

Excerpt #8: Laurel O’Donnell

Excerpt #9: Jenna Jaxon

Excerpt #10: Ashley York

Excerpt #11: Mary Morgan

Excerpt #12: Cathy MacRae

Excerpt #13: Ruth A. Casie

Excerpt #14: Bambi Lynn

Be sure to stop by next Monday to see if you’re a winner!

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