Medieval Monday ~ The #Vikings

If you’re familiar with my work, you know I write Paranormal Romance, mostly set in the Middle Ages, or the Medieval period. I’ve only recently ventured into the contemporary and am still finding my way. My heart is in the Middle Ages. I’m sure I lived there in a previous lifetime. I’m fascinated with everything about it. But what you may not know is that I also write Viking…shhhhh…Erotica.

I was first published in the genre back in 2011. I released three books with that publisher: Wrath of the Fire God, The Valiant Viking, and Broken Armor.  After starting the Gods of the Highlands series, I missed my Vikings. I became hooked on the Vikings television series (History Channel) as soon as it began, but wanted more in between episodes and (worse) seasons. The Valiant Viking is still one of my best-sellers, so I thought, why not a series of erotic shorts that feature Vikings?

If you are a fan of the show (or maybe even if you’ve never seen it) you know that Rollo was the first Duke of Normandy. After invading Francia (present-day France), he was granted that title as payment to the Norsemen (Normans) to stay and protect the coast from future invaders. 

My erotica series, The Vikings, is centered around a group of Vikings who take over the small island fortress of Jeufosse, outside of Paris intending to hold up for the winter. One after another, they — to keep this post suitable for all audiences, let’s say — fall for a local woman they have claimed as a thrall, or slave. They accept this Danegeld (payment), along with Rollo and many others, to become the first Normans. 

If you’re looking for an intricate plot and deeply developed characters, please don’t read this series. But if you like a quick, hot romance this is just the series for you. Episodes I and II (Gunnar and Wulf) are currently on sale — 2 for the price of 1. You can get them by clicking here. There is also a third episode, Bron, and episode IV, Thorleif, will be out in just in just a few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by. Skál!


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