Medieval Monday ~ Lane McFarland

Our villain theme continues. This week, Lane McFarland is joining me to celebrate Medieval Monday. Lane writes historical romance, spanning the early Middle Ages through the American Civil War. While her books are fiction, each one is based on historical facts, and you will often see known figures such as William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, or The Red Comyn make guest appearances. Her books revolve around human struggles, sacrifices survivors are forced to make, and their resilience to live and thrive. Here is an excerpt from her book, Lindsey.

Lane McFarlandEXCERPT: Nerves stretched taut, sweat dribbled down her temples. She prayed the moisture didn’t cause the ash-paste that disguised her face to slide onto the bodice of her scratchy woolen gown. However uncomfortable, she wanted the soldiers to be put off by her ungainly appearance.

She peered over the railing and let her eyes adjust to the dim light at the bottom of the stairs. Ominous looking corridors ran in four directions like spokes of a wheel, with three English soldiers positioned in the center, huddled around a wooden crate.

One guard threw down several cards on the makeshift table and roared while slapping the soldier next to him on the back.

Another tossed his cards on the discarded pile. “I’m out.”

A high-pitched scream followed by agonized moans sent chills slithering down her spine. What evils did the darkened corridors hold? An urge to run back up the stairs and escape the nightmarish scene nearly overcame her. Instead, she inhaled a fortifying breath and took another step down.

Follow along next week by checking out Ruth A. Casie’s blog with excerpt #3

BLURBThe Daughters of Alastair MacDougall Series ~ Set in late thirteenth century Scotland, this series tells the stories of Laird Alastair MacDougall’s four independent and oftentimes, headstrong daughters coming of age in a country fraught with war and feuds amongst rival clans. Follow his daughters as their lives become intertwined with four fierce, rebel highland warriors bent on eradicating the English soldiers from their homeland.

Lindsey ~ Who said life was fair? Certainly not Lindsey MacDougall. She rebels at a world dominated by men. Dressed in lad’s clothing, she manages her father’s stables, caring for, breeding and selling horses. Unwavering on performing her duty to the rebellion, Lindsey throws caution to the wind and secretly delivers missives behind enemy lines to the Scottish warriors.

Logan Ross uses his happy-go-lucky smile to warm the hearts of many willing lasses, but it also masks his pain—the pain of his birth. As a bastard son, he is unacceptable for any Laird’s daughter, including the spirited Lindsey MacDougall. However, she haunts his dreams. Determined to prove his worth, he throws himself into the middle of the rebellion, leading men into mortal danger.

After helping Logan escape from a brutal English dungeon, Lindsey fights her traitorous attraction to the virile highland warrior, vowing never to lose her heart to any man.

BUY LINK: Amazon

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