Medieval Monday ~ Gods of the Highlands

The Medieval Monday Authors are on a hiatus of sorts until our virtual Medieval Feast on Facebook next month. During the break, I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to preview the entire GODS OF THE HIGHLANDS saga at the low price of $0.99 while it’s available. That’s right. The boxed set will be discontinued as of September 1st. You will still be able to get a paperback of the collection, and of course the individual novellas will continue to be for sale on all outlets. Get your copy of GODS OF THE HIGHLANDS before it’s gone.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00068]They grew up orphans, relying on each other to keep the secret of their heretical powers from the other members of their clan. Now a vengeful pagan god is after them, using them in his relentless pursuit of a soul so powerful, its possessor will be able to command Lucifer himself.

Camulus is unbeatable in a fight, but cannot defend his heart from a fallen goddess.

Sirona can heal with nothing more than a touch. When she is captured and her secret discovered by a rival clan, only the laird’s youngest son can save her from being burned at the stake.

Tanis commands the elements, but meets his match in a celestial being from heaven who is anything but angelic.

Lucan can create anything…except life. That he must do the old-fashioned way.

Together these cousins must band together if they have any hope of defeating the god of death and ensuring a bright future for themselves and their kin.

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